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70 Cooper’s Grange, Old Quarter,
An Caislean
3 Woodhaven
17 Upper John Street
17 Gearagh, Meadowlands
11 Glincool Grove
4 Shalimar Court
Kilnap, Old Whitechurch Road
22 Fernwood Close,
10 Westway, Grange Manor
12 Glincool Gardens, Glincool
4 City Gardens,
Leslie’s Arch.
Temperance Lane/ Lucey’s Lane
1 Old Court Drive
4 Station Road,
Coisire, Ballineadig
9 Glincool Villas
Crosshaven Hill
6 Gearagh
College Road
42 The Green,Coolroe Meadows
Mount Nagle
13 Cook Street,
67 Westbury Estate
Circa 0.75 acre site at Ballygroman,
House Type D1, The Gearagh
Apartment 7, Victoria Station
Apartment 14, Victoria Station
Apartment 4, Camden Court
House Type C1, The Gearagh
15 Glincool Crescent
58 Westgate Road
7 Westbury Grove
Unit at Ballycurreen Industrial Estate
7 Ros Nua
16 Pope’s Quay
Park Road
1 Westbury Grove
3 Mary Land
193 An Caislean View
3 The Elms
Site on Coast Road
Dooniskey House
11 City Gardens, North Main Street,
2 Old Quarry
Unit 4, Exchange House
12 Tus Abhaile
Belmont Park
Former Curran’s Restaurant, 4/5/6A Adelaide Street
304 Atkins Hall,
79 Hibernian Buildings, Off Albert Street
Quarry House
4 Hawthorn Avenue
57 The Lawn, Coolroe Meadow
20 The Brambles, Classes Lake
18 Elm Grove
21 Adelaide Street
Sliabh Laoi
7 Manor Lane
13 Tara, An Caislean
4 Adelaide Street/ 13 Angle Lane
10 Crestfield Lawn
41 Woodhaven
18 The Lodge, Classes Lake
Tus Abhaile
16 Grange Court
14 Lios Na Greine
St. Gobnaits
3 Tara, An Caislean
1 Aisling Close
22C & 23 Common’s Road
Knocknaboul, Ballydesmond
C. 9 Acre site adjoining Glenview House
225 Blarney Road
1 The Crescent, Lough Road
304 Atkins Hall, Lee Road
“Drumacrin”, Bishopscourt Hill
Gortmore House
3 Elm Grove
4 Elm Grove, Meadowlands
The Oaks, Maryborough Ridge
5 Manor Drive, Grange Manor
130 Lower Glanmire
1 Elm Grove, Meadowlands
19 Manor Green, Grange Manor
2 Rosan
Ground Floor, Tus Abhaile
The Brown Derby
11 Barrack Street
Beech Road, Muskerry Estate
2 Elm Grove
Tara, An Caislean
1 Kilmoney Road
42 The Green, Coolroe Meadows
18 Goldsmith Avenue, Richmond Hill
16 Sweetbriar Lane, Inniscarra View
14 The Orchard, Farranlea Park
165 An Caislean
Ashtree Lodge, Corbally Cross
44 Monastery Terrace, Off Blarney Street
8 Aylsbury Crescent
25 Highfield Park
Gortnagloch, Halfway
525 The Herons, Jacobs Island
64 The Cloisters
C.9 acres adjoining Glenview House
Knocknabohilly, Farm Lane
9 The Grove, Gleann Na Ri
78 The Green, Coolroe Meadows
52A Willowfield
Sites for sale Cleburne
125 Patrick Street
16 Manor Avenue, Grange Manor
Beech Road Business Centre, Muskerry Estate
201 Eagle Valley
127 An Caislean
2 Fernway, Classes Lake
163 Bandon Road
2 Hettyfield Mews, Well Road
Office at Joyce House, Barrack Square
19 Mary Street
22 Fernway, Classes Lake
Cluana, Bandon Road
9 Market Square
Unit 5, Link Road Business Park
1 Portside, Marina Commercial Park, Centre Park Road
2 The Cedars, Classes Lake
Apartment 6 Victoria Station
2 Cois Na Gleann, Ballincrossig
Ao7 Eden Hall
4 Rosan
Carriganarra Road
28, Showhouse, Droimneach
67 Droimneach
37 Droimneach
28 Droimneach
17 Droimneach
15 Droimneach
7 Droimneach
7 The Bramble, Classis Lake
10 Millbrook, Carrigaline Road
Coolfadda, Bandon
68 Droimneach
Upper Scart
8 Maglin Circle
Bungalow at Carriganarra Road
Lower Farran
15 Grange Way, Grange Manor
Bungalow at Coolroe
23 Chestnut Grove, Classes Lake
57 The Lawn, Coolroe Meadows
15 Holly Road, Muskerry Estate
24 Fernway, Classes Lake
27 Westway, Grange Manor
66 Castle Avenue, Muskerry Estate
62 Grattan Street
48 Beech Park
The Bungalow, Coach Road, Knockanemore
7 Herons Wood
78 Blarney Street, Shandon
Newgrange, An Caislean
144 Bandon Road
34 A Parknamore
1 Parknamore
23 Pope’s Hill, Pope’s Road
11 Leemount Terrace
4 St. Finbarr’s View, East Lough Road
The Arches Bar
31 Manor Hill
17 An Caislean
6 Hillcrest, Pembroke Woods
33 Chestnut Grove, Classes Lake
82 Leslie’s Arch, Old Quarter
84 Beech Park
30 Holly Road, Muskerry Estate
Pope’s Hill, Pope’s Road
Old Post Office
Unit 20, Great Island Enterprise
80 The Lawn, Coolroe Meadows
20 Clonard Avenue
21 The Lawn, Coolroe Meadows
9A Aylsbury Lawn
Unit 20, Great Island Enterprise Park
8 Westway, Grange Manor
14 Grange Way
23 Park Road, Muskerry Estate
14 Whitethorn Avenue, Inniscarra View
Barnagore, Ovens near
22 Pope’s Hill
30 Manor Hill
Unit 21, Great Island Enterprise
9 Newgrange
10 Glincool Villas
Garryvoe Lower
20 Manor Close, Grange Manor
1 Willow Drive, Muskerry Estate
The Cloisters
23 Coolroe Heights
37 Fernway, Classis Lake
30 Allendale Avenue, Melbourne
18 Grange Court
1 Cois Na HAbhann, Bailick Road,
22 Park Road, Muskerry Estate
17 Lee Valley Golf Course
29 Grosvenor Court
97 Shamrock Drive, Muskerry Estate
194 Silversprings Court
Ard Na Laoi
5 Wentworth Garden
Caledonia, Ballinphellic
18 Manor Lawn, Grange Manor
Unit 21, Great Island Enterprise,
Avondale, Carriganarra Road, Ballincollig, Co. Cork
Ballyhooleen, Ballinhassig, Waterfall
Gortnaclogh, Halfway, Ballinhassig
The Meadow
“Jalna” Benvoirlich
Investment Property, Link Road
“Tara”, Clash Road
2 Maglin Crescent
College Square, College Road
2 Westbury Heights
“The Cedars” Ministers Cross
Apt. 6 Tudor Grove
10 Glincool Rise
12 The Devonshire
13 The Devonshire
15 Cranford Pines
Unit 9 Great Island Enterprise Park, Innishmore
27 Glendower Court
19 Leesdale Drive
Link Road
75 The Cloisters
Apt. 2 Tudor Grove
16 Citi-West Mews
4 Summerstown Drive
Residential Development Site, Carrignafoy
Ballycurreen Industrial Estate
Apt. 2 Victoria Station
Victoria Station, Victoria Cross
Cuil Greine House, Link Road
Cuil Greine
“Kesgan”, Ballyshoneen
38 Woodberry,
4 Cois Na Gleann, Sallybrook
11 C Leemount Terrace
15 An Newgrange, An Caislean
The Farmhouse, Templemartin
22 The Stable
25 Cranford Pines
13 Newgrange, An Caislean
163 Willowcourt, Leesdale
Ballyshoneen, Corbally Cross
The Brown Derby and two adjoining properties at No. 11, 12 Barracks Street
2 Fernway, Classis Lake
Apt. 4 Main Street
13 Model Village
22 Pope’s Hill, Pope’s Road
22 Old Quarry
11 Fernway, Classis Lakes
17 The Mews, Bridewood, Classis Lake
40 Leeview